Building your dream home or building for your future.


If you are looking to build your own home – either to live in or keep as part of your portfolio – i-Home is for you. According to your needs and desires a completely private and customized build can be arranged. Using the same professional PAI team members we keep you in full control of the construction process, saving you the worry, the money and your time.


• Cooperative partners can be:

Australian citizens: who wish to outsource the process to a professional management company.


Permanent Resident: Someone living overseas who intends to reside in Australia with his family and hold permanent residency.


non PR: living abroad but has plans to hold a property in Australia (for future investment or residence)


• Cooperative approach:

PAI manage the entire project, from the site selection, the purchase via private sale or auction, design and development approval application, construction and budget, building management and other processes. Our clients are involved as little or as much as they would like to be. The design phase is important to ensure the ideal layout for your lifestyle and situation.


• Charges: 5% to 7% of the total cost of the project.




No profit – No charge


I-Development is the main business for PAI Group. Choosing i-Development is essentially utilising our real estate development experience, processes, team and partners to develop properties for profit. Our safe and reliable system combined with our cooperative win-win system gives a predictable outcome for those wishing to maximise their returns on investment.


• Cooperative partners can be:

Financial Developers: Individuals, families or groups looking to invest in real estate development as a profitable business model. Can also be living overseas but interested in Australian real estate.

Land Developers: Local landholders who wish to develop for future sale.


• Cooperative method: PAI Group is responsible for the end to end development project and does not charge fixed management fees, simply sharing in the project profit.


• Charges: project pre-tax profit sharing














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