Development Experience

Our team has a variety of real estate development experience including terrace townhouses, multiple sets of townhouses, small apartment projects (less than 40 units), medium and large apartment projects (worth over $ 40 million).

A comprehensive model to ensure the expected rate of return

PAI Group’s volume of developments allow us (and our clients) to enjoy the benefits of high quality partnerships with rich experience across all areas of development. A highly professional architectural design team, a robust planning team, a dedicated sales team, site planning, arborist services and town planning teams. These relationships all save time and control costs ensuring the minimal delays in the development process.

Risk Management

Knowledge is power and in our case information is knowledge. Building our processes around this information allows PAI Group to focus on potential development projects that present the lowest risk. PAI Group shares the risk with our clients so it is in everyone’s best interest that these systems and processes are adhered to at all times.

Aligned interest and shared risk.

PAI Group’s comprehensive investment process combined with experience and on the ground daily insight is a powerful partnership prospect.

The partnership model ensures that we are always engaged with our clients providing clear up to date information on their projects.

Our systems are structured to maximize the outcome and minimize the risks.

Investment control

Our customers own and therefore ultimately control their own development investments. PAI Group contractually assist and manage the process but in no way control the asset – thus giving overall investment security to our client. At all times PAI clients can follow up on the progress of their development project giving complete clarity to the situation.




Real Estate development can be an individual or team project. Let’s compare developing as an individual versus partnering with PAI Group.



The purchase item is under the investor's own name or his own company name.

Investors have their own funds

Bear the risk, including manpower, policy, cost, schedule, economy etc

There are (set up a team for end to end development, labour costs are high)

There is (administrative office costs difficult to avoid)

High (no economy of scale)

Need to spend time to become familiar with the market, understand the policies and regulations

Must consistently work weekly to find projects out of hundreds available, perform feasibility analysis

At different stages need to contact > 20 third parties; including architect, town planning, agents, council, geological survey, design, arborist, construction, etc.

Payments at different stages of the development process can add up to 100 individual items (eg: desposit, settlement, water, electricity, building, architect etc)


​Administrative Costs

Third Party

Supply Costs



The purchase item is under the investor's own name or his own company name

Investors have their own funds

100% fully aware of the project management process throughout the development with complete transparency

PAI Group’s interest is bound, therefore any risk is shared

None (labour costs transferred to PAI Group)

No (no administrative office, transferred to PAI Group)

Low (our team of partners operate at bulk rates)

PAI Group’s professional team take care of implementation, experienced in all areas

PAI Group’s professional team analyse hundreds of properties each week to find the right projects. Feasibility analysis performed on prime sites

Only need to communicate with PAI Group for the whole process. Greatly reducing communication costs and improving efficiency

Just like a secretary, PAI Group can forecast these payments, can collect invoices and forward to you for timely payment.

Investment Safety

Project Control

Labour Costs

Professional Requirements

100% complete control of the project



Whether our customer already owns land suitable for development or simply wishes to invest financially. PAI Group’s economy of scale and resource team will save a great deal of time and money, greatly reducing the workload of the cumbersome process driven development process.



The development process is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor intensive requiring a lot of time and effort

Professional knowledge required, laws and regulations need to be understood, easy to "pay for your tuition" inside invoices from suppliers

the development process involves negotiations with third parties; this requires experience in order to get the best outcome

construction companies and designers need supervision as do real estate agencies.

property development can be affected by policy change. small and medium sized development risks are numerous. consulting fees are high and errors easy to make

End to End development process management services, high efficiency, high quality, less detours

Professional management team, rich experience, development process is a well refined system

Third party team is already in place, unified service, high quality, the best price. PAI Group don’t get involved in collecting money, we simply pass supplier invoices directly across for payment.

PAI Group guarantee the end product, we target a design and layout most sought after. Building quality control and after-sales service are standard practice.

PAI Group and customers to establish a partner model, a win-win risk sharing cooperation. PAI Group's profit is based entirely on the project's profit contribution, after the successful completion of the project.


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